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Landmark Books by Landmark Forum Leaders

Landmark Books by Landmark Forum Leaders

Getting to the heart of the matter of our lives, to what matters most, these powerful insights by Landmark Forum leaders explore what it takes to create a life you love. Illustrated in full color, each insight points out what's possible if we step outside of what we know, and recognize and embrace our capacity to bring forth an entirely new possibility for living—not because it is better, but simply because that is what human beings can do.

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Insights & Distinctions Volume 1: Landmark Forum leaders Nancy Zapolski and Joe DiMaggio push boundaries and bring forth what's possible in being human.

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Insights & Distinctions Volume 2: Ten Landmark Forum leaders continue the journey to the heart of what matters most. Authors: Gale LeGassick, Steve Zaffron, Laurel Scheaf, Larry Pearson, Cathy Elliott, Balvinder Sodhi, Jane Wright, Mark Spirtos, Manal Maurice, Barry Grieder.
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Tambien disponible in Español: Volumen 1: Los líderes de El Foro Landmark Nancy Zapolski y Joe DiMaggio cuestionan los límites y traen a la existencia lo que es posible para el ser humano.

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