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An Invented Life:

My Life, My Design

Scientists, philosophers, educators all have ideas and perspectives about what makes us tick. Through their work we've become more attentive to complexities of brain science, the process of cognition, theories of self, and more. While theories and explanations are useful, also of enormous value is having direct, hands-on access to who we are as human beings—to being able to actually impact our actions, to change course should we so desire, to be the authors of our own lives.

In this seminar we explore these contemporary perspectives and take a step beyond them to gain direct access to who we are and why we do what we do, making it possible to think and act with a new freedom and joy—to live a life of our own design.

Prerequisite: Completion of The Landmark Forum and one other Seminar series OR The Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program.

WebMedia Feature
Participation in this seminar includes online access to a WebMedia Feature. Here you’ll find multimedia recreations of course sessions and Exchange HotSpot discussion groups, where you can interact with fellow participants. For access, please log in now or create an account.