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Creating Happiness:

The Sheer Joy of Being Alive

Each of us wants to be happy. We often think something “out there” (new love, a raise, some change in circumstance) would do the trick if we just had it. And when things don’t pan out, we sometimes find ourselves turning down the dials, adjusting and accommodating, settling for less. We think we’ll be happy if…or we’ll be happy when…or we’ll be happy because…

In this fun and highly interactive seminar, you’ll develop your capacity to have a say in how you experience life. You’ll go beyond theories and strategies to discover a direct access to creating happiness. Happiness is a state that exists only as a possibility—it’s a matter of choosing.

Prerequisite: Completion of two other seminar series OR completion of  The Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program and one other seminar series.

WebMedia Feature
Participation in this seminar includes online access to a WebMedia Feature. Here you’ll find multimedia recreations of course sessions and Exchange HotSpot discussion groups, where you can interact with fellow participants. For access, please log in now or create an account.